"Working Together for Success"

Feb 22


                                            HRH Labor Services, LLC

Company History


HRH Labor Services was founded in January 2007 by Marta Lydia Foust and Donald Keith Foust.  Marta had been in the Temporary Employment industry for 16 years and after much consideration, decided to take her experience into an exciting business venture in 2007.


The goal was to have an establishment that was different from any other Temporary Agency in the Omaha Metropolitan/Council Bluffs area and an establishment that would provide the temporary worker with an atmosphere that was also different. Their objective was to have a place where the temporary worker could share their hard work ethics with pride and provide the client with their exceptional work values.


HRH Labor Services, LLC strives to provide clients with an exceptional experienced staff to ensure a great working relationship that will last a lifetime. The Fousts’ priority was to be able to hire a professional staff who truly believes that their services are above all other Temporary Agencies and that HRH Labor Services, LLC employs only the best non-skilled temporary workers!




Owner’s Note


We continue to improve the services provided by HRH Labor Services, LLC and take great pride in knowing that our company is making every effort to provide work for our non-skilled temporary workers. We are extremely proud that our clients continue to be amazed with our non-skilled temporary workers’ hard work and work ethics. We are proud to employ the most respectful and experienced staff to assist our clients in fulfilling their temporary labor needs. By working together, Don and I believe that anything is possible.




Marta Lydia and Donald Keith Foust